Kirsan Attendance at Israel's Conference

Kirsan recently participated in a groundbreaking conference on emerging technologies, hosted by the Ministry of Agriculture of Israel. The conference, which took place at, saw Kirsan unveiling a method that will change the way we look at waste management and energy production.

Imagine a world where municipal solid waste is no longer a problem but instead an invaluable resource. Kirsan's newest development does just that, by offering an eco-friendly recycling solution that transforms waste into a lucrative energy source – electricity and heat.

Curious how this cutting-edge technology works? So were the conference organizers and attendees, as Kirsan's presentation generated a buzz of excitement. The advantages of Kirsan's waste-to-energy solution are numerous and include:

  • Bypassing labor-intensive and costly processes, such as sorting, washing, drying, and separate storage of waste
  • Achieving complete gas purification from impurities
  • Reducing air pollutant emissions to levels far below those set by the stringent environmental protection norms of the European Union

As the world faces increasing challenges in waste management and energy production, Kirsan's solution may well pave the way for a cleaner and more sustainable future.

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