From Real Estate to Renewable Energy: Invest in What Matters with Kirsan Invest

Kirsan Group has launched a direct business investment platform in Europe, offering alternative investments in renewable energy and real estate, to benefit people and the environment. The platform has already run a crowdfunding platform in Spain, which raised €300,000 from 250 investors. Kirsan Invest is aiming to become a licensed investment fund in the future and develop an end-to-end ecosystem for its investors.

We are excited to announce the launch of our new direct business investment platform, setting a new standard for future investments in the European market.

Kirsan Group has been operating for over 13 years, growing across industries and countries, still providing the same commitment for progress and growth. The global events of the past years and our innovative spirit has driven us to transition from managing businesses offline to a more prevalent presence online.

"We aim to facilitate access to sustainable investing by offering alternative investments that benefit both people and the environment." Sergiu Coman, CEO of Kirsan Group

Real Estate and Renewable Energy - Investments of the Future

Full scope of real estate development is in our DNA, and for over a decade, we have accumulated knowledge and know-how expertise to gain competitive advantage, as well as, stay risk-aware, but not let it stop us from innovation and growth.

We are not entering the industry ''fresh out of high school," as bringing our investment opportunities online via partner P2P (Peer-to-Peer) lending platforms is not new for us, nor is running our own platform.

For the past few years, we have operated a regulated Kirsan crowdfunding platform in Spain, which was used to finance small-scale projects on the local market. This platform successfully raised over €300,000 from 250 investors, ensuring an average annual interest rate of 11%.The platform currently operates under our local partner in the country. We, on the other hand, are taking Kirsan Invest globally, as our project scope has grown in demand and size.

Additionally, we have partnered with several European crowdfunding platforms, such asReinvest24, with our investment portfolio valued at over €7 million. To date, more than €4.5million has been returned to investors, with an average annual interest rate of 15%.

Overall, our real estate construction and development track record has led us to successfully implement and operate 20 residential complexes with 5,000 apartments, covering a total area of 325,000 square meters. Currently, we have an ongoing project to construct five residential complexes in a new Metropolis district in Kishinev, which will consist of 30 buildings with3,000 apartments and offices, spanning a total area of 250,000 square meters. It is only one of many of our projects, and on Kirsan Invest platform you will have an exclusive access to some of our latest and most limited projects from various countries.

Even more, our team has recognised the significance and demand of the European energy economy and is committed to align with the strategy to promote competitive, sustainable, and carbon diminishing energy solutions for households. In addition to our core real estate business, we are currently developing solar power plants and utilising solar panels for our projects in various countries. Furthermore, we are engaged in the construction of biomass pelletizing and gasification units, as well as a biomass gasification power plant. Hence, with our solid presence in energy market, we want to bring the opportunities for our investors too.

Beyond Conventional Crowdlending – Towards a Licensed Investment Fund

Supported by the Kirsan Group, we stand out from most of the conventional crowdlending orP2P platforms, which is why we operate as a business investment platform and are able to provide projects directly. However, we are aiming towards the direction of a licensed investment fund in the near future.

We strive to offer the possibility for our investors and partners with future opportunities to invest in equity together with us and have "skin in the game" for each project in the future.To provide this we will utilise the Alternative Investment Fund (AIF) structure that will ensure a higher regulation, security and flexibility for all stakeholders. This will assure better liquidity and sustainability, and allow investors to exercise their exit strategy.

Applying Business-Orientated Minds with Cutting-Edge Technologies

The Kirsan Group has been operating in various business sectors since 2010 across severalEuropean countries. Our operations are divided into clusters that are interlinked and share knowledge across, creating an end-to-end ecosystem.

With Kirsan Group as our backbone, we are able to combine the extensive knowledge, experience and existing business sector operations in unique and profitable investment opportunities directly to our investors with Kirsan Invest.

Kirsan Invest Presents Investment Opportunities with Personalised Support and Risk-mitigating Approach

Gathering the years of experience and over the course of our expansion, we have recognised the need for an international platform that can provide the quality care and service for our investors we highly seek to deliver.

We are humbled to have a highly knowledgeable and experienced team that allows us to bring novel, diverse and profitable investment opportunities directly to you. Kirsan Group excels at forming strong partnerships, investing in new technologies and steering projects from start to finish, bringing beneficial results to everyone involved. Our goal is to foster lasting relationships with our investors, seeing them as valuable partners rather than mere platform users. We align our interests by investing our own funds alongside yours.

We believe in the power of direct engagement with investors, and we are dedicated to offer a personalised support, a user-savvy platform, and transparency in our operations and processes. Owning a platform is a natural progression for Kirsan Group and a distinct advantage for our investors, as it eliminates the risk of intermediaries by enabling direct investment with a solid-track record of project completion.

One of the most common issues for investment platforms is the lack of a constant pipeline of accountable investment opportunities. This is a market gap we have identified and wish to fulfil. Based on our track record, which shows that we have raised more than €250 million, ensuring more than €45 million in net earnings received by investors, it is why we believe Kirsan Invest will bring great value to the market.

Minimise Risk and Maximise Returns at once - Kirsan InvestDiversified Portfolio

Kirsan Invest will provide a diverse platform offering a variety of investment options for its investors. With a focus on sustainability and innovation, we will provide opportunities in real estate, renewable energy, agriculture, and energy-efficient housing projects. Our platform will be user-friendly with clear terms and steady returns, making investing accessible for everyone, even if you start with as little as €50.

Our team has been dedicated to ensure investors have a sound and rewarding investment experience. We will make sure that our investors always have investment opportunities to choose from, and can easily diversify their portfolio across different countries and different types of projects to minimise the risks.

At Kirsan Invest, we believe that transparency and visibility are keys to a successful investment experience. That's why we have made sure that our investors have access to real-time updates on the progress of their investments. We will provide regular updates on each project's progress throughout its lifetime, giving our investors complete visibility into the development process. This way, our investors will stay informed and know exactly what's happening with their investments.

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