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Production start till the end of 2021

Kirsan Wall System

Our newest concept of ready-made walls production.

The advantages are:
● Construction efficiency
● No wet processs 
● Shortened construction time
● Accelerated drying process
● Simple processing for subsequent work
● Optimal price/quality ratio
●  Decrease of construction costs by reducing the labor and construction site expenses.
●   No need to remove the construction waste
●   No slotting works, all slots and pipes are already factory-made.
● Production at low temperatures. The expanded clay concrete walls stand the maximum residual moisture of 15%, the shell is dry and ready to be glued with a small amount of putty.


Production of
- windows
- double-glazed units

The complete production cycle, including:       
- calculation;        
- profile cutting;       
- hole milling to drain excess moisture;
- reinforcement with a metal reinforcing profile; 
-welding of a window profile;
·  weld seam treatment and weld seam cleaning;
-  drilling of holes for fittings and theirinstallation;
-  assembly of double-glazed windows;
-  laying of a rubber seal and beading.


Solar panels

Building-integrated photovoltaic cells are building components that simultaneously provide thermal insulation, wind and weather protection and architectural functions.
Kirsan runs the production of solar panels in Ukraine since and has developed a stategy of their successful promotion.


Production of ventilation systems

Nowadays, no building can exist without a simple or complex ventilation system.
Kirsan has developed the production of production of ventilation ducts with regards to the existing technical norms and newest technologies.


Production of furniture

Kirsan has managed to find its own perspective niche for the successful and competitive production of furniture.


Business service of ground drilling and processing

Kirsan provides the services of excavator processing of ground, the work of the excavator is organized without unnecessary unproductive movements.The working stroke of the excavator is continuous.



The company has a unique technical park equipped with the most modern equipment of famous European manufacturers, such as Casagrande and Bauer. KIRSAN is the only company in Moldova that uses the latest generation of drilling equipment for jet cementation of soils.

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