Emmeten Apart - Switzerland


Emmeten Apart - Switzerland


Rotifluh 17, 6376 Emmetten, Schweiz
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Land plot with a concept of 2 object development

  • Apartment buidling with 8 apartments;
  • Office premises;

Located in a city center, potential residents will have access to all necessary for the comfort living.

Key figures:

Construction area: 504 m2

Units: 8 Apartments

Total cost of the project:

CHF 2.519 million

Total Sales:

CHF 4.788 million

Profitability of the project:


Investment needs:

CHF 2.3 million

Investment return(%):

10% per Year

Period of investment repayment:

18 months

Investment return:

CHF 345.000

Key figures

Offering highlights

Target Investor IRR:


Target Equity Multiple:


Building area

Finance details

Target Raise

Total commitment:


Total Sales:

Terms & details

Key figures

  • Equity required
  • Yield + Capital Growth
  • Total commitment

Deal highlights

  • Instant access to operational information about the state of affairs in the company, regardless of the distance
  • Forming a single database of indicators required for all types of reporting
  • Allows you to improve the efficiency of task management
  • Provides transparency of production processes for company management
  • Real-time monitoring of the correspondence of real expenditures to planned

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